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Custom Formulation Pouches

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Bean and tomato products made into your custom recipes. Available in a variety of packaging options. Tell us what you need and we will make it for you using our unique batch-crafting process.

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Custom Formulation in the Pouch: Everything you need to create a flavor that's uniquely your own.

Furmano's development team can produce a custom formulation just for you and your unique foodservice needs. Whether your goal is to create a new flavor profile, match an existing one, or combine ingredients into one formulation - our corporate chef, working alongside a complete R&D team, is ready to deliver.

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Your recipe for foodservice flavor

Flexible and quality-driven, Furmano’s strives to meet the unique needs of every customer through:

  • Custom Product Development

  • Custom Packaging

  • Smaller Minimums

  • Quicker Turnarounds

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Let us create a custom formulation
for you.

Package your unique flavor in an efficient, environmentally friendly pouch.

  • Shelf-stable pouched products preserve more of the food’s naturally delicious flavor and texture without refrigeration.

  • Flexible pouch packaging is easier to open and safer to handle.

  • Pouch packaging has less potential for damage if dropped.

  • Compared to conventional packaging, pouches have less packaging material to throw away - less bulk in the dumpster.

  • Lighter pouch packaging can provide lower shipping and storage costs.

Custom pouch Packaging Available in Bulk Bins and 6/#10 Cartons

Download Bulk Bins PDF

Call 1-877-877-6032 or email today and put Furmano's to the test with your most challenging custom formulation request. 

Download Custom Formulations PDF

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Pouch Bean Packaging
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Pouch Tomato Packaging
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