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Bean Pouches

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The best beans cooked right in #10 equivalent pouches using our unique batch-crafting process yields the best bean products.

Call For A FREE SAMPLE: 877-877-6032

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Delicious batch-crafted beans in smart pouch packaging.

From dark kidney beans to chickpeas and black beans, Furmano's offers an array of versatile cooked beans in shelf stable, eco-friendly pouch
packaging. Furmano's pouches deliver every product at its peak color, flavor and texture. Click here to learn more about Furmano's batch crafting process.

Our unique cooking process in pouches preserves even more of the naturally delicious flavor. Wholesome and great tasting
beans - only better.

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The Benefits Of Furmano's
Pouch Packaging

  • Eco-friendly pouch packaging

  • BPA Free

  • Easy tear-and-pour pouches

  • Improved sanitation

  • Saves labor - no more rinsing and crushing

  • Available in shelf stable #10 equivalent size

  • Same net weights as #10 cans

  • Furmano's pouch beans preserve more of the food’s naturally delicious flavor and texture without refrigeration

  • Less bulk waste compared to conventional packaging. Pouches have less packaging material to throw away.

  • Lighter pouch packaging provides lower shipping and
    storage costs

Download Bean Pouches PDF

For a FREE Sample from our full line of cooked beans in eco-friendly pouch packaging, call 877-877-6032.

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Pouches in Bulk Bins For Manufacturers

  • Reduce your labor costs - eliminate individual cardboard cases

  • Receive up to an additional 462 pouches per truckload while reducing packaging materials by 2,500 pounds

  • Reduce waste and disposal costs

  • Bulk bins are disposable and 100% recyclable

  • Each bulk pouch bin holds up to 228 #10 equivalent pouches

Download Bulk Bins PDF

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